Back in (around) 1993 I completed the Novice course and exam and was issued the callsign 2E1CJA. I spent most of my time on Packet radio and the local-ish 70cm repeaters (GB3NT, Newcastle (433.000MHz) and GB3DC, Sunderland (433.275MHz)). The 1 watt from my trusty Yaesu FT-708R did very well into a HB9CV antenna mounted on the roof of the house.

Eventually I decided to go for my (old style) B licence, as the club I attended were running courses. My dad (now M0BAR) had decided he may as well use the gear he was paying for so decided to get licenced too. I had to wait for a couple of months for the callsign G7UFO to be handed out but it was worth the wait.

In 1997 I moved up to Edinburgh for university. As GM7UFO I didn’t really have (or make) much time for radio but have recently got back into the hobby when in 2017, after over 20 years I moved back to Durham. I had a lot to catch up on, the hobby had changed a lot.


Not far from Browney Village

QTH is in the small village of Browney (IO94er) just outside Durham City.


Alt Many thanks to Gennady, UX5UO for the QSL design

I currently QSL via LotW and eQSL but I’m looking to get some paper cards printed.

Direct or bureau cards are welcome (please contact me for my address).



I use a FlexRadio 6700 with SmartSDR on MacOS or iPadOS with an Icom RC-28 encoder and a Heil PR781 running through a PreSonus AudioBox USB 96.


The QTH restricts me as to what antennas I can house but my Diamond BB6W end fed (stretching from house to garage) and a Ciro Mazzoni Stealth Loop certainly seem to punch above their weight.



I don’t operate much VHF / UHF to be honest. I’d like to get into LEO satellites but I’d need to upgrade from my general purpose Diamond V-2000 for 2m/70cm (and 6m).

My Icom IC-705 or Kenwood TH-D72e would be my go-to for these bands.


For portable use I have an Icom IC-705 and a DIY599 PA500 amp/ATU which I use with a SotaBeams Bandspringer Midi (and SotaBeams Tactical Mini mast).



Admittedly I’ve yet to do any real work on these but my Kenwood TH-D72e and Arrow Antenna are ready and waiting! I could also hook up the Icom IC-705 to MacDoppler and let it control the doppler shift.



My current fascination and where I spend most of my operating time at the moment. I’ve been QRV since January 2023.

I started off using an IC-9700 and a DX Patrol Full Duplex Groundstation into a 60cm dish with a DX Patrol LNB and Helix.

In April 2023 I finished my SDR build (Pluto+ based - post coming soon) and upgraded the dish to 80cm dish. I also changed to a Bullseye LNB and a DC8PAT Ice Cone v2.1. With that setup I use SDR Console which is an awesome piece of software. In fact, its the only piece of software which has got me to run Windows in over 20 years!

As of August 2023 I’m using my FlexRadio with my Groundstation 1.5 to work QO-100 (details in a future post).




Also spend time on my motorbike, a Triumph Tiger 1200 XCA and enjoy rides out and camping weekends with my Dad and his club.